Graph The Pulse

by Phantasm

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released January 1, 2011

Steven Rosplock -- Guitar/Vocals
Aaron White -- Bass Vocals
Jay Yachetta -- Drums
Engineered/Mixed/Masatered -- Ofer Tiberin



all rights reserved



Earthdriver is a musical collective founded on co-operative ideals. If music is the food of life, then each bite must be taken with care. Love is the Highest Truth. We Rock Onward...

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Track Name: Graph the Pulse
Your reaction I’m graphing

Atone then deceive

Decipher your incentive

As you endeavor to please

You’ve kept me searching for what’s never been and in the end

You’re pulling answers out of air

So well composed recite invented prose what do I know?

Truth is never enough for your ego

We graph the pulse that quivers in your skin

Let me see where you’re hiding your sins

It’s a nervous invention

An abscess conceived

Repulsed by your convulsions and forever incomplete

We graph the pulse that quivers in your skin

Let us in

You can’t deny what we’ve already found to be true

We’ll pull at your skin till we find

What we see right through

A flick of your wrist

And a twitch of your skin

Pulling apart all the safe guards within

Projected on me til it’s your tragedy

We graph the pulse that quivers in your skin

Let us in
Track Name: Change The Channel
It’s such a loud and obnoxious place

Alive in the human race

When we drown each other

We drown each other all the way out

If you do not like it change the channel

They shove it down our necks

We swallow what’s left

No one’s left to complain

We play our own games tonight

Is there ringing in your ears

Just the sound of all their fears?

How many hear but don’t understand?

Never a part of any plan

When we drown each other

We drown each other all the way out

If all we are is compromise

Then we conform to their disguise

It’s no surprise
Track Name: Better Off Worse
I was on call on the top of the dial

Who’s this new jack, six pack of loser denial?

I guess that playing hard to get is too hard when you’re alone

And no ones home

I guess you had to pick up that phone

Does it make you feel better

To do a little worse?

You’ve got your arms around another

You’re the devil undercover

Tell me, what’s he got that I don’t have?

Traded up I’m the sucker

Does it make you feel better?

What did I get for being who I am?

I’m your biggest fan

Does that make you feel better?

So this is how you pick em’ first come first served?

How long has he been waiting in line for a turn?

It seems like all you needed was an excuse to cut me loose

Then we we’re through

I guess you knew just what to do

You’d take his love of sports over my love of chords

Trade a four year plan for my rock and roll band

I have tried everything just to make you see

I don’t need you now the way you don’t need me

Does he make you smile the way you made me sing?

This feels like cutting skin cause you meant everything to me
Track Name: Found Nothing
I think you’ll find in your moment of weakness

There’s always enough to go around

To get your fix

A total eclipse of the sound

Then when you find

You’re too far out of line

Everything perfect gets broken and ugly

It’s all just a matter of time

I’ve found nothing at all

Could you show me something perfect?

If it’s out there

Can I just grab hold?

I might never let go of this net I’ve been dragging

That keeps me in touch with the ground

Within it the problems collected and mistakes I’ve found

I think you’re scared

What’s been broke is not repaired

If only my memories could mend me and show me

There’s something worth saving in there
Track Name: Show Your Claws
Do not deny the truth you dress to impress

Our hearts upon our sleeves while yours in your chest

Why don’t you say it like you mean it?

Cause no one says it like they mean it anymore

Are you sure?

That these vultures are your friends

They will eat you the end

What’s more…

Once more…

As they circle overhead

You have put the taste of blood in their mouths

Show your claws

To illustrate the point presented at hand

Inject a symbol as if it was your brand

Why don’t you say it like you mean it?

Cause no one says it like they mean it anymore

You show your claws then we show our claws

Then you show your teeth then we show our teeth

We’re so out of reach

From what we called peace before

We even the score
Track Name: Revenge
This time the odd’s got even

This time nobody’s last in line

Gonna finish this thing you started

Gonna give you a piece of my mind

I’m not bulletproof

We’re all made of glass

You’re a broken mirror

From my past



Revenge I know you’re sweet

What goes around comes back around to you

What goes around comes back

The bigger the bruise you’ll fall down

Just a little bit harder than us

You’ve been handing out the ammunition

We’re the trigger finger you can’t trust


Is this the taste that you love?

You’re gonna get it good