Jeremiah Hosea​-​-​Sentient Being

by Jeremiah Hosea

  • Future Soul



1st Verse--Shooting ourselves in the foot in every way
Cutting off our nose just to spite our face
The poison lies deep in the heart of man
Treating this great green Earth like a garbage can

Chorus--They said you were the other but you're a human being and that's all I'm seeing for the first time

2nd Verse--If it's hurting me than it's hurting you
If you're feeling pain than I feel it too
Where there's separation there cannot be love
So lets pull it all together and raise it up

2nd Chorus

3rd Chorus


released 01 January 2010
Jeremiah Hosea - Bass, Keyboard, Vocals
Jerome Jordan - Guitar
Ryan Waters - Ambient Guitar
Olu- Keyboard
Swiss Chris - Drums
Oja - Turntables
E.L. Copeland - Sequencing, Samples & Ambient Treatment
Chris Becker - Samples and Ambient Treatment
Produced by Jeremiah Hosea and Chris Becker
Written by Jeremiah Hosea
Harmonious Subjectivity ASCAP



all rights reserved


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